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Welcome to KeyboardKeith.com, the online home of keyboardist Keith Chelm! I am a Cleveland, Ohio based musician that performs in various musical projects in and around the Northeast Ohio area. With over thirty five years of experience in the music industry, I have at one time or another played  most styles of modern music.


Currently I am a member of the bands, The Recyclers  and Last Call, playing rock, blues and R&B. In addition, I occasionally freelance with other area bands, such as The Backup Band and City Heat.


This site features information regarding  my bands, live gigs, keyboard collection, as well as stories of backstage brushes with celebrity and more.  If you are interested in joining my email  list, click on the contact link below left.  I invite you to come out and hear me play live at one of the gigs shown in the schedule below.  Thanks for visiting!






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