We're very sad to announce that as of February 9, 2020, The Recyclers have disbanded after ten great years together.

We have enjoyed playing our repertoire of deep classic rock and R&B tunes for our fans over the last decade and are very proud of what we have achieved, but all things must come to an end and the time seems right.

On behalf of the band: Keith Chelm, Joe Russo, Steve Daniels and Dave Yost, we thank you for your support!

About Us: We started out back in 2009 as a regular Monday night jam session between friends (unofficially it was The Monday Night Music Club.) After months of experimentation in the basement, we began playing gigs in 2010 as The Reverend Lawrence J. & the Sisters of Soul. At some point in 2011, The Reverend (Larry) decided to leave the band. We then shortened the name to the Sisters of Soul. The band grew tight as a four piece and started getting more gigs. After receiving feedback from various fans, we decided a name change was in order. We became the Recyclers; a band that recycles classic material and turns it into a rock and blues house party!


Joe Russo - Bass/Lead Vocals

Keyboard Keith Chelm - Keyboards/Vocals

Steve Daniels - Guitars/Vocals

Dave Yost - Drums




 The Doors, About Us:
The Recyclers - Rock, Blues, R&B & Soul


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